*Please note: These services work mainly by quotation which are based on your needs.*

Uninterrupted Power Supply

With the frequent load shedding currently experienced throughout South Africa, instances of hardware failure and power damage are escalating quickly. The act of simply removing the electricity of hardware while it is powered on has a negative affect on the components. It also affects the software that was not properly shut down and in some cases can cause the software to malfunction. In addition to this, power fluctuations and bursts of excess power are also damaging to your electronic equipment and can cause it to burn and parts to fail.

This is why we recommend the installation of an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) on your system. You may need something small that only gives you a few minutes to quickly save your documents and shut down your computer, or you may need something large that will keep your network running for the full 3 hours. Either way we can supply you with the appropriate UPS for your system and install it on the necessary hardware.



We can set up a reliable network, that not only works at optimal speed, but that is neat and organized. No one wants to walk into an office and see cables dangling from the ceilings, and let’s not forget the crazy mess under the tables. This is not only unsightly, but it is a potential fire and tripping hazard. Not to mention the static electricity that is generated, which could cause data packets to get lost.

Let us neatly rearrange and label your new or existing network to give you a work space you are proud of. Those chaotic server rooms can also be tidied up and all your cables can be marked and mapped, turning future network troubleshooting into a breeze.

Before you think residential areas are forgotten, rest assured we can help you there too. Though the networks installed in a home is not quite as extensive as those in an office building, the same basic principles apply. Having a well-placed and functional network in your home gives you access to many features beyond internet access. A good example is a Smart TV which allows you to stream your favorite shows from the comfort of your couch.

What exactly do we do with networks? Just about everything.



Closed-circuit television (CCTV), is video surveillance that is done with the use of video cameras that transmit a signal to a specific place, where it will be recorder and displayed on a limited set of monitors. Cameras are used for surveillance in businesses that may need monitoring such as stores, factories, schools, public areas and many more.

We install CCTV systems on various sized premises, regardless if it is commercial or residential. Site surveys are done by a SIRA registered consultant with more than 15 years’ experience. Following the survey, we will present a detailed solution for all your surveillance needs. We only install high quality equipment from reputable sources carrying a one year warranty. Our surveillance systems have led to successful identification and prosecution in various police investigations.

Digital IP Cameras that are integrated with your local network


Log in and view from your Apple or Android cell phone or tablet

Remote viewing to keep an eye on things when you’re not there

High Definition recording to get a clear picture what is going on


Hardware & Software

Computers are a wonderful creation. So many of the most tedious tasks, such as writing letters, become a breeze. You can type it out once and send it to as many people as you want without a single paper-cut. And then something breaks. Your keyboard doesn’t work or your brand-new laptop ends up with a cracked screen, or worse, you end up with a vicious ransom virus that claims all your data. We can provide you with solutions to many of these problems.

We provide extensive hardware support, including repairs of a wide variety of notebooks and desktops. Additionally, we can supply various products as well as replacements for the tech that is a little too far gone. We only use reputable brands in our office and therefore we only sell reputable same brands.

Software support and upgrades are provided on Microsoft and Apple systems. We can also supply you with new and refurbished Apple products.


Anti-virus sale and setup

Pastel setup and limited support

Remote Support

Remote support is a cost-effective alternative for selected software problems. With this method, we can assist you with the installation of patches and updates, as well as software errors including email errors and anti-virus scans. This is done with a program called TeamViewer, which allows temporary remote access to your computer by means of two codes, an ID and a password. For your security, the password will change after every login, this will ensure that your PC cannot be accessed without your consent. Please take note that remote support is dependent on working internet connection.

Hardware & Software