When it comes to representing a business, there are a lot of visual elements at play, some are standalone and some make part of a bigger picture. People tend to be drawn to things that are aesthetically pleasing, partly because it is pretty. But also, because it looks like some effort was put into it, indicating that you are serious about what you do and care for the success of your company.

We offer a variety of services dedicated to the overall visual representation and online presence of your business. If a service you seek is not listed below, contact us with a request.

Website Design

More than 90% of people will search online before doing business locally or abroad. They look at the reviews a business has, where they are, and compare prices with other business. Beyond that, and possibly without even realizing it, your prospective clients judge your legitimacy by the way your website looks. If a site is hard to navigate or plain and boring many people will simply hit the back button and move on. In addition, a website that is exploding with color and animations all for the sake of having them also scares people away. What you want is the ideal middle ground that suits your industry. Something that grabs attention without being overpowering. Something that puts your business’ identity on display without rubbing it in the viewer’s face.

We build all our websites from scratch, no generic templates are used. Your new website will be linked with all your existing business Social Media accounts. We also save you the hassle of setting up a Google My Business page which will be connected to your Google analytics. If you wish we can also convert your website into a WordPress theme. By doing this, it not only makes it easier for us to update your website, but it also gives you the ability to tweak, add or remove content yourself.

Responsive designs allowing for a seamless shift from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

Your website will be designed and built from scratch. No generic templates used.

Google Analytics are provided giving you insights to your website’s visitors.

Optional WordPress functionality allowing you tweak, add or remove written content yourself.


They say the best place to hide a body is on the second page of Google. No one wants their website to get lost in the abyss of search results, but without the right tools it is hard to avoid. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. The goal is to get more visitors on your website, and by optimizing your website to show up higher on Google, Bing or Yahoo search results, this goal can be achieved.

Many SEO companies specify that they do not work with small and/or start-up businesses, but if you already have your name out there why would you need SEO? Though everyone likes to say they work with the big boys, we enjoy helping out the new guys too. By offering a variety of packages and single services we can help you get your website seen and your business growing. These services include simply specifying certain keywords or full regional packages.

Still unsure if you need SEO? Contact us and we will give you free SEO audit, no commitment required.

Web & SEO

Social Media Management

Social Media is a communication platform that is booming right now. Many people use it to keep in touch with old friends and family or to keep tabs on their favorite celebrities and TV shows. As you probably already know, businesses also use social media. Usually working in tandem with a website, but also sometimes on its own, is a Facebook business page. Many companies that offer goods or services to the public will use Facebook as a communication and advertisement platform. Those who work more in corporate circles favor LinkedIn as a way of connecting to potential business partners. Twitter and Instagram have their place too, it is often used to showcase sale items, services or events.

All of these media platforms are great to have and they make your business so much easier to find. The problem with these is maintaining them. It is sometimes hard to keep up with your daily admin work and all the messages that pile up on your business’ media accounts. Not to mention getting them all set up and working. We can lighten your load by handling all that for you, from creation, to advertisements to dealing with the messages. You will receive notice of messages and complaints that require your attention and we will also provide you with a report of frequently asked questions, complaints and suggestions. No need to worry you will still maintain full administrative rights to your accounts.

Social Media

Business Card

A business card is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to share your contact information with your clients. Because of the convenience everyone does it, even your competitors, which is why you need to stand out! This is where a well-designed business card takes the lead over the various templates that are available online. A business card designed for you is not only unique, but it will also help build continuity of your business’ overall look.

Give us your colours, logo and the details you wish to have on your cards and we will return a few drafts for you to choose from. To save you some hassles we can print it too.

Business Card

Email Signature

Whether to sign up for an online service, to get support for new software or simply to get in touch with someone, at some point we have all used email. This makes it a brilliant and subtle marketing platform for a business by means of email signatures. Regardless if you are sending newsletters to your clients or engaging with suppliers, if you do not have an email signature they will miss a lot of important details about you or your business. You may think that you have a website with all of this information, but the person reading your email does not always know that.

An email signature is a cost-effective way to give out the most important details about your business to everyone you communicate with electronically. Think of it as an electronic business card. It holds your name, contact numbers, web address and even Facebook links. We offer html email signatures that not only looks nice, but has working links.